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Position Yourself as a Leader in 15 Minutes or Less

leadership Dec 02, 2019

Positioning yourself as a leader will make your work more meaningful and advance your career. You can gain influence based on your title, or on knowledge and skills you already possess.

While it could take years to climb the ladder up into senior management, tapping into your personal strengths is something you can start doing right now. Learn how to use your current assets to build up your clout in the workplace.

Using Your KNOWLEDGE to Position Yourself as a Leader

  1. Read daily. Pick up books about business advice or any topic that interests you. The more you read, the better prepared you’ll be to contribute to any discussion. You’ll sound like a leader whether you’re engaging in small talk or critiquing a new logo.

  2. Sign up for training. Take advantage of programs your employer offers. Brush up on your high school Spanish or become proficient with a new software package.

  3. Browse during breaks. Those brief intervals you spend on hold or pausing between meetings...
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Position Yourself as a Courageous Leader

leadership Nov 25, 2019

There are few things that a leader needs more than courage. The decisions you make as a leader will result in you being evaluated by others. They will criticize you from time to time. Sometimes you’ll take action and it simply won’t pan out.

Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”

This is critical to understand. If you’re not courageous as a leader, you simply won’t do any of the other things necessary to be a good leader.

  • You won’t take appropriate risks because you’re afraid of missing the mark.
  • You won’t suggest new ideas because you’re afraid they’ll be shot down.
  • You won’t take bold action because you might be judged by others.

There will be times when you simply don’t know what the outcome of a particular action will be. In those moments, you’ll be tempted to avoid acting at all.


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Being an Accountable Leader

leadership Nov 25, 2019

If you want to be a highly effective leader, you must hold yourself accountable for both your actions and the outcomes that those actions produce. 

When things go well, you take appropriate credit (and give credit to your team, of course). When things don’t go well, you take the blame. You’re the leader of the team and, therefore, everything ultimately falls on you. 

The opposite of the accountable leader is the “victim” leader. The victim leader blames everyone and everything else for their failures. They refuse to believe that their actions could result in any problems and so they constantly blame their challenges on others. They may take credit for successes, but they don’t accept the blame for failure. 

If you’re going to be a powerful, compelling leader, you must accept 100% responsibility for the outcomes of your actions. You must take decisive action to influence specific outcomes and then embrace those outcomes, whatever...

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